Community Dedications
Dedicaiton to Ann Krumm, Iowa Sculpture Festival, Maytag Park, Newton, IATurning Point Sculpture at Berg Middle School, Newton, IA, Iowa Sculpture FestivalIowa Sculpture Festival, DMAC, Newton, IA
Through the leadership and influence of the
Iowa Sculpture Festival, Newton is becoming
a community of art. Two prominent
sculptures, which are displayed here,
demonstrate the collaboration, commitment and heritage of the community.

Explore this diverse collection of more than 70 installations of one, two, and three-dimensional artwork that includes sculpture, bas relief, and painted murals. Drive, bike, or even walk, the community with a map you can download by clicking here.

International Harvester, a.k.a. "Harvey"
This sculpture is dedicated in honor and memory of our major benefactor and friend, Ann Krumm. Ann's influence with the arts will be long felt in our community.  This sculpture was funded by monies collected by "friends of Ann Krumm" to honor her generosity to the arts over the many years of her philanthropy in Newton.

This bronze sculpture was created by Kim Shaklee of    Brighton, CO.

Ol' Lonely Sculpture
Sited and dedicated in June 2007.  Ol'Lonely symbolizes the rich heritage of Newton and the relationship with the Maytag Company. Captured in bronze by local artist Nick Klepinger, this sculpture immortalizes Maytag's commitment to dependable and quality products. This life size image graces Maytag Park overlooking the swimming pool. 113 maquette reproductions are available, cast in pewter, representing the number of years Maytag was in Newton.
 Iowa Sculpture Festival, Newton, IA
Iowa Sculpture Festival, Newton, IA
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Newton, Iowa
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